Provider Biography

Birdie Johnson, LMT

Where I practice
Smoky Hill Medical Offices
16290 E. Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO 80015
Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., 2-5:30 p.m.
To schedule an appointment, call: 844-800-0788


About Me
I was born and raised in Denver Colorado and attended Denver East High school. I acquired my training from Denver school of Massage Therapy in 2010 and studied several different modalities. I am married with three children and a dog.


About My Practice
I am passionate about the positive effects of massage therapy on the body and mind. I believe I have a grounded personality and fully believe in mind body awareness. Massage therapy is not only required for physical wellbeing but also mental. I am very focused on the quality of my sessions and creating a safe healing space for individuals. I believe that all bodies deserve a safe judgment free space to receive healing work. Some of my favorite modalities are energy work, prenatal, Swedish and Trigger Point Therapy.

How I thrive

I love spending time with my family. Swimming and yoga are a few activities we enjoy together. I also have a great passion for education and am always with a book in hand. I have developed a passion for alternative medicine and implement it into my daily life. I am currently seeking a bachelor’s degree at Metro State in Integrated Healthcare. In my spare time I am a Certified Doula and Certified Meditative Reiki Practitioner.